Our Team

Our Team



Regional Director - West Midlands and South Western Regions

Daniel Fitzjohn

Email: daniel.fitzjohn@motuscommercials.co.uk



Head of Truck Sales - South Western Region

Gary Woodruff

Email: gary.woodruff@motuscommercials.co.uk



Head of Aftersales - South Western Region

Mark Price

Email: mark.price@motuscommercials.co.uk



Head of Parts Sales

Duncan Young

Email: duncan.young@motuscommercials.co.uk





Depot Manager

Barry Fields

Email: barry.fields@motuscommercials.co.uk



Parts Sales Centre Manager

Paul Stokes

Email: paul.stokes@motuscommercials.co.uk



Truck Sales Executive

Simon Jew

Email: simon.jew@motuscommercials.co.uk



Trainee Truck Sales Executive

Edward Miles

Email: edward.miles@motuscommercials.co.uk



Parts Sales Executive

Steve Richards

Email: steve.richards@motuscommercials.co.uk